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GreenLight Initiative Collaborated with a Corp Member – Izi Japheth to Campaign Against Drunk Driving in Abuja

GreenLight Initiative Collaborated with a Corp Member – Izi Japheth to Campaign Against Drunk Driving in Abuja

GreenLight Initiative Collaborated with a Corp Member – Izi Japheth to Campaign Against Drunk Driving in Abuja: Sensitizing the public on responsible driving habits and consequences of alcohol-impaired driving.

                                                                                                       Drunk Driving Banner

GreenLight Initiative, in collaboration with a Corp Member Izi Japheth, with call number NYSC/BKN/2022/207305, had a street campaign against drunk driving on the 9th of June, 2023. The campaign, which took place in Abuja, aimed to raise awareness among the public about the significance of responsible driving habits and the severe consequences associated with driving under the influence of alcohol. The collaborative effort sought to educate and enlighten individuals about responsible driving practices, ultimately reducing unnecessary road deaths and injuries.

                                                                    Izi Japheth and colleagues sensitizing the public


The campaign commenced at Treasure Island in Area 1 Garki Abuja, where a significant number of participants gathered to show their support for this crucial cause. The event witnessed the active involvement of corp members, Special Marshals, and officers from the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). The campaign includes a symbolic walk, sharing of fliers, and displaying banners bearing messages that highlight the dangers of drunk driving.

                                      A cross-section of NYSC Corps Members, FRSC, Special Marshal Officers, and GreenLight


Under the joint partnership of the GreenLight Initiative, FRSC, and Corp member Izi Japheth, the campaign made a resounding impact, drawing attention to the urgent need for responsible driving practices. By utilizing the power of collective action and public awareness, the campaign was designed to instigate positive changes in behavior and ensure safer roads for all.

Drunk driving remains a critical issue globally, contributing to a significant number of road crashes, injuries, and fatalities each year. The campaign in Abuja sought to address this issue by educating individuals about the potential consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol. By emphasizing the importance of responsible driving habits, such as abstaining from alcohol consumption before driving, the campaign aimed to reduce the occurrence of alcohol-related crashes and their devastating aftermath.

                                                                                A cross-section of campaigners


The collaboration between GreenLight Initiative, FRSC, and Corp Member Izi Japheth showcases the commitment of various stakeholders to tackle the issue of drunk driving collectively by joining forces and engaging in such impactful initiatives aimed at fostering a culture of responsible driving among citizens.

                                                                                     NYSC Corps Members sharing fliers
                                                                                     FRSC officers distributing fliers.

The campaign not only emphasized the importance of individual responsibility but also highlighted the role of law enforcement agencies in ensuring road safety as their presence underscored the need for stringent enforcement of traffic regulations and the zero-tolerance approach towards drunk driving.

The success of this campaign is a testament to the power of community engagement and the determination to create positive change. As responsible citizens, we all must play our part in ensuring road safety. By taking a stand against drunk driving, we can collectively work towards a future where our roads are free from the tragedies caused by alcohol-impaired driving.

                                                                                                      Campaign Team


Registered as Greenlight Development Centre, Greenlight Initiative is a non-profit organization promoting road safety, good health, environment, safe and sustainable mobility in Africa. 


Star Okereh

Manager, GreenLight Initiative


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