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GreenLight Initiative Commemorates World Drug Day 2023: “People First: Stop Stigma and Discrimination, Strengthen Prevention”.

GreenLight Initiative Commemorates World Drug Day 2023: “People First: Stop Stigma and Discrimination, Strengthen Prevention”.

GreenLight Initiative, a Nigerian based leading non-profit organization committed to promoting road safety proudly joins the global community in observing World Drug Day on July 26, 2023. This year’s theme “People First: Stop Stigma and Discrimination, Strengthen Prevention,” focuses on raising awareness about the importance of combating drug-related stigma and discrimination while emphasizing the need for effective prevention strategies.

Drug addiction not only poses risks to individuals but also affects road safety, making it a pressing concern for our communities. GreenLight Initiative recognizes the need for a comprehensive approach to address these challenges, one that emphasizes education, collaboration, and compassion.

At GreenLight Initiative, we firmly believe that combating stigma and discrimination is crucial to supporting individuals struggling with drug addiction. By eliminating societal barriers and promoting understanding, we can create an environment where people feel safe seeking help and support. No one should face judgment or isolation because of their struggles with drug addiction.

We all have a role to play in achieving this goal. It is important for government bodies, civil society organizations, and stakeholders in the fields of health, education, and law enforcement to work collaboratively in achieving this goal. By leveraging these partnerships, we can develop and implement innovative educational programs, interactive workshops, and targeted campaigns that empower individuals to make informed decisions and prevent drug-related collisions.

On this day, GreenLight calls on government as well as civil society organizations  to focus on equipping road users, including drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists, with the necessary knowledge and skills to prioritize road safety and avoid drug-related risks. It is important to engage local communities through outreach programs, engaging discussions, and awareness campaigns to foster a sense of responsibility and promote positive behavioral change.

GreenLight initiative also calls upon media representatives, journalists, bloggers, and influencers to join the campaign in amplifying the message, spreading awareness, and challenging stigmatizing narratives associated with drug addiction. We invite concerned citizens, stakeholders, and the general public to join in putting “People First.” Let us stop stigma and discrimination and strengthen prevention efforts. Together, we can build a society that supports and uplifts individuals struggling with drug addiction, creating a safer and more inclusive community for all.

GreenLight Initiative is a non-profit organization committed to promoting road safety, and creating sustainable communities. We work collaboratively with stakeholders, government bodies, and civil society organizations to implement innovative programs and initiatives that contribute to a safer and healthier society. We are dedicated to raising awareness, promoting responsible behaviors, and fostering a safer society for all.


Patience Agabi

Communication Officer, GreenLight Initiative


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