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GreenLight Initiative Commends Acting IG of Police For Championing Road Safety.

GreenLight Initiative Commends Acting IG of Police For Championing Road Safety.

GreenLight Initiative Commends Acting IG of Police For Championing Road Safety.

GreenLight Initiative, a leading advocate for road safety in Nigeria, applauds the remarkable initiative undertaken by the Acting Inspector General (IG) of Police, Olukayode Egbetokun, in issuing a groundbreaking directive on Monday 26th June 2023, mandating the adherence to traffic rules by all convoys, starting from the top. This extraordinary step forward in promoting road safety has garnered widespread support and represents a significant victory for organizations like GreenLight Initiative who have tirelessly advocated for reducing road crashes caused by speeding and traffic rule violations.

Under the visionary leadership of Olukayode Egbetokun, the Acting IG of Police, this landmark directive holds immense promise to address the root causes of countless road crashes that have plagued our nation. By setting an example and ensuring that even the highest-ranking officials comply with traffic regulations, Olukayode has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to fostering a culture of safety and accountability on our roads.

GreenLight Initiative firmly believes that the impact of this directive will be far-reaching. By challenging the prevailing mindset of exemption enjoyed by VIPs and prioritizing road safety above all, the Acting IG of the Police has sent a powerful message to the entire nation, emphasizing that every life is precious and deserving of protection. This extraordinary move will undoubtedly inspire a positive shift in societal attitudes toward road safety, ushering in a new era where no one is above the law.

In light of this momentous achievement, GreenLight Initiative calls upon all VIPs, politicians, and public figures to wholeheartedly embrace and adhere to the instructions laid out by the Acting IG of Police. We believe that their unwavering commitment to the safety of their fellow citizens will serve as an inspiring example for others to follow. By prioritizing road safety, VIPs can exercise their influence to effect substantial change and contribute to the preservation of countless lives.

GreenLight Initiative extends its deepest gratitude to the Acting IG of Police, Olukayode Egbetokun, for his remarkable leadership and dedication to road safety. We stand ready to support and collaborate with law enforcement agencies, policymakers, and stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation of this revolutionary directive.

GreenLight Initiative is a non-profit organization committed to promoting road safety and creating sustainable communities. We work collaboratively with stakeholders, government bodies, and civil society organizations to implement innovative programs and initiatives that contribute to a safer and healthier society. We are dedicated to raising awareness, promoting responsible behaviors, and fostering a safer society for all.


Star Okereh

Manager, GreenLight Initiative


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