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Greenlight Initiative Signs MoU with Peace Mass Transit

It wasn’t business as usual on 24th August as Chief Sam Maduka Onyishi, CEO of Peace Mass
Transit met with Simon Obi and Otuto Chukwu both of Greenlight Initiative. It is only
natural that establishments with a common ideology align to foster effective delivery of service.
Greenlight Initiative is a non-profit organization focused on road safety and environmental
preservation. Peace Mass Transit which started operations in 1995 is one of Nigeria’s leading
company in commuter services. Peace Mass Transit was according to Chief Sam established
not only to help Nigerians commute but to give them the best of traveling experience and to
provide job opportunities for the masses. The management has deployed different means to
improve on their service delivery and therefore have greeted the collaboration with Greenlight
Initiative with excitement and optimism.
Greenlight Initiative has become known in the FCT for its unalloyed and passionate advocacy
for safety of road users. It has done this through various sensitization events to bring the message of road safety to the general public. Drive to Live is a road safety radio campaign via which road users are gaining knowledge of safe usage of the road.
Greenlight Initiative has chosen to partner with Peace Mass Transit because of the transport
company’s large fleet of vehicles and its organized management structure.
The MOU that is signed by both organizations means mutual understanding and commitment to
enhance safety of travelers. The duo will be organizing sensitization activities as well as
researches which will be geared toward better traveling experience in the country. One of such
activities is to carry out a research project which will involve the attachment of strategic stickers
with specific messages on PMT buses. This was a research initiative by Georgetown University
Initiative on Innovation, Development and Evaluation. It was a research first carried out in Kenya
and the testimonies of its effectiveness are awesome. It was a systematic research done on the
ground that placing stickers on vehicles encouraging passengers to speak out for the safety of
their lives could reduce road crashes drastically. The project in Nigeria will be tagged #TALKAM,
encouraging people to speak out. The stickers will encourage passengers to speak out against reckless driving. The
project will also include radio campaigns, billboards and social media campaigns.
This project will be monitored and evaluated periodically.
Together we can ensure the safety of Nigerians on our roads.Greenlight Initiative Signs MoU with Peace Mass TransitGreenlight Initiative Signs MoU with Peace Mass Transit

by – Josh Moses Ogbada