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Press Release on Road Safety Sensitization Workshop in Bus Garage 2019

Press Release on Road Safety Sensitization Workshop in Bus Garage  2019

Press Release on Road Safety Sensitization Workshop in Bus Garage 2019

Press Release on Road Safety Sensitization Workshop in Bus Garage 2019

GreenLight Initiative Organize Road Safety Workshop for Public Motor Drivers in Bus Garage – 15th May 2019

As the world marked the 5th UN Global Road Safety Week which began on the 6th -12 May 2019, it is believed that stronger leadership is needed to advanced road safety course. According to global status report by the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of road traffic deaths continues to rise steadily, reaching a record figure of 1.35 million annually, these indicate that progress to realize Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 3.6 – which calls for a 50% reduction in the number of road traffic deaths by 2020 – remains a mirage. Road traffic injuries are now the leading cause of death for children and young adults aged 5–29 years. This is unacceptable as these are all preventable and avoidable deaths.
Road transport is the common means of transportation not just in Nigeria but also across the globe, unfortunately, road transport continued to remain the most dangerous means of transport in Low and middle-income countries like Nigeria. It is no longer news that road crashes killed more Nigerians than the violence Boko-Haram group; these must not be allowed to continue

In Nigeria, dangerous driving, speeding and distracted driving account to over 50% causes of crashes according to the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) annual report, hence the need for continuous sensitization and education on traffic safety

Today GreenLight Initiative is leading the campaign for safer road usage in Nigeria by implementing different advocacies programs, training, and public enlightenment programs. One of such campaigns is the sensitization workshops in Bus Garage. GreenLight Initiative is a nonprofit that works to improve road safety in Nigeria through the implementation of evidence-backed interventions.

GreenLight Initiative received support from the US Embassy Abuja to implement programs on citizen engagements towards the campaign against road crashes in Abuja and Kaduna State. Part of the program is sensitization workshop on speed reduction and distracted driving in six (6) Bus Garage in Abuja. Today we begin the sensitization workshop in Zuba motor park because of its history with so many crashes and fatalities, we do hope that by the end of this workshop, drivers of Zuba motor park will be enlightened on the need to slow down and avoid distraction while driving.

The sensitization workshop which we have put together to enlighten drivers on the safe use of the road is part of our efforts and mandate to reduce road traffic crashes to the barest minimum on the Nigeria road. We also hope that by so doing, we shall be saving lives; preventing injuries and permanent disabilities, and contributing to the attainment of the global road safety goals as stipulated in SDG 3.6 and 11.2

Simon Patrick Obi, Executive Director, GreenLight Initiative



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